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I’m a UX researcher with extensive experience in planning and conducting mixed-methods research to improve accessibility, quality, and value of products and services among individuals across cultures, countries, incomes, and identities with international research experience in emerging markets and presentation experience to multi-stakeholders including GSMA, USAID, World Bank, and ITU.

Impact of M-Health on Pregnant Women in Nepal

  • Randomized control by cluster on the impact of mhealth application on ANC visits of pregnant women in rural Nepal (2018) – As a part of my postdoc research, I did two focus groups with healthcare workers and pregnant women to understand their current practices on sharing and seeking health information. In collaboration with a local partner, we identified +55 health facilities to do a randomized control trial to measure the impact of different information sources (message, audio, video) on the ANC visits of pregnant women in rural Nepal as well as on health outcomes.
  • Methods | focus groups

Assessment of Entrepreneurship Environment for Youth in Sri Lanka

  • The Youth Employment and Business Start-up Program (YouLead!) Sri Lanka (2018) – As a YouLead! Fellow funded by USAID, I worked on a project that focuses on enhancing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth in Sri Lanka. During a 3-week long fieldwork in Colombo, I conducted focus groups with key actors in government and private institutions and did a needs-assessment to identify the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurship among youth in Sri Lanka.
  • Methods | focus groups

Social and Economic Impact of Internet Connectivity in Rwanda

  • Controlled trial on the social and economic impact of Internet connectivity in Rwanda (2017) – As a part of my postdoc research, we did a controlled trial on the impact of Internet connectivity at the community level in 30 sites in Rwanda. Short video about this research can be found here. (Supervised by Prof. Christopher Yoo)
  • Methods | in-depth interviews, survey, experiment

1 World Connected

  • Case study project on the ICT-related initiatives around the world (2017) – As a part of my postdoc research, I conducted +120 interviews and led a research team to write 100 case studies on the ICT-related initiatives and projects around the world, carried out by governments, international organizations, the business sector, and civil society across various domains including education, health and financial inclusion. (Supervised by Prof. Christopher Yoo)
  • Methods  | in depth interviews, case study analysis