• Randomized control by cluster on the impact of mhealth application on ANC visits of pregnant women in rural Nepal (2018) – As a part of my postdoc research, I did two focus groups with healthcare workers and pregnant women to understand their current practices on sharing and seeking health information. In collaboration with a local partner, we identified +55 health facilities to do a randomized control trial to measure the impact of different information sources (message, audio, video) on the ANC visits of pregnant women in rural Nepal as well as on health outcomes.
  • Methods | focus groups
  • The Youth Employment and Business Start-up Program (YouLead!) Sri Lanka (2018) – As a YouLead! Fellow funded by USAID, I worked on a project that focuses on enhancing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youth in Sri Lanka. During a 3-week long fieldwork in Colombo, I conducted focus groups with key actors in government and private institutions and did a needs-assessment to identify the opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurship among youth in Sri Lanka.
  • Methods | focus groups
  • Controlled trial on the social and economic impact of Internet connectivity in Rwanda (2017) – As a part of my postdoc research, we did a controlled trial on the impact of Internet connectivity at the community level in 30 sites in Rwanda. Short video about this research can be found here. (Supervised by Prof. Christopher Yoo)
  • Methods | in-depth interviews, survey, experiment
  • Case study project on the ICT-related initiatives around the world (2017) – As a part of my postdoc research, I conducted +120 interviews and led a research team to write 100 case studies on the ICT-related initiatives and projects around the world, carried out by governments, international organizations, the business sector, and civil society across various domains including education, health and financial inclusion. (Supervised by Prof. Christopher Yoo)
  • Methods  | in depth interviews, case study analysis
  • ICT use of immigrant women entrepreneurs in New York City (2016) – For my dissertation project, I examined the ICT adoption and use of immigrant women entrepreneurs in New York City. More specifically, I looked at how immigrant women entrepreneurs are strategically using ICTs to seek information, to communicate with their clients and suppliers, and to negotiate the social inequalities created by their gender, ethnic, religious, and immigrant identities as well as the intersectionality of these identities. In addition, I looked at the impact of ICT use on their social and economic development. (Chaired by Prof. Craig Scott)
  • Methods | in-depth interviews, participant observation, survey, social network analysis
  • Meta-analysis of ICT for development (ICTD) projects in Africa (2015) – As a USAID Research and Innovation research fellow at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, I worked on a meta-analysis of ICT for development  research in Africa to revisit the conceptualization and operationalization of impact, development, and sustainability across different research traditions and domains; and to identify the methodological and theoretical gaps in the field. The results of this project is published at the conference proceedings of International Development Informatics Association’s annual conference. (Supervised by Dr. Jean-Paul Van Belle)
  • Methods | desk research, field study
  • Broadband adoption of low socio-economic communities in the U.S. (2014) – As a research assistant at the Open Technology Institute of New America, I worked on a digital inclusion project funded by EveryoneOn. The goal of this project was to develop a methodology for studying the impact of various factors on whether or not low-status communities choose to sign up for low-cost Internet service. A white paper is produced from this project. (Supervised by Greta Byrum)
  • Methods | desk research
  • Social media use and information networks of media organizations in Afghanistan (2013) – As a research assistant at Internews Media for the Afghanistan Media Development and Empowerment Project (AMDEP) funded by USAID, I investigated the evolving nascent media sector in Afghanistan and surrounding rural provinces and  looked at how media organizations seek information through the use of ICTs and build a community-wide network that supports information sharing among members. In addition, I identified where local and international media organizations are located in the media network and the implications of this network structure. This study is presented at IAMCR and in preparation for publication. (PI: Prof. Marya Doerfel)
  • Methods | survey, social network analysis
  • Social media use and external relationship building by salespeople at IBM (2012) – As a research assistant of a project for IBM, I examined the social media use of salespeople with respect to their advice networks, and their social media use practices for building external relationships. Two papers produced from this project were presented at the national and international communication conferences and were submitted for publication. (PI: Dr. Matt Weber)
  • Methods | in-depth interviews, survey, social network analysis
  • Yahoo! Campus Innovation Award (2011) – In an attempt to create a model for integrated collaborative environments that allow people to share how they seek information and solve problems, this project explored how to optimize collaboration processes of an online collaboration tool, Coagmento. (PI: Dr. Chirag Shah)
  • Methods | in-depth interviews, experiments, diary studies, content analysis, log data analysis
  • ICT use and organizational resiliency after Hurricane Katrina (2011) – As a part of a large project funded by National Science Foundation,  I analyzed the old and new media use by organizational managers to rebuild their inter-organizational networks in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. This research is published in New Media & Society. (PI: Prof. Marya Doerfel)
  • Methods | in-depth interviews, survey, social network analysis

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